So it means that there is no need to replace someone who vacated his/her seat in a GRC, doesn't matter if that person is a minority representation in the constituency. 

The Appeals Court has dismissed an appeal by Singapore Democratic Party's Wong Souk Yee. In doing so, it shows that there is no need for a by-election when someone leaves a GRC. Wong's appeal, in this case, was specific to Halimah Yacob as she left her GRC before taking up Presidency. 

As such, the SDP has lost its bid to ask for a Marsiling-Yew Tee by-election. It has announced its deep regret over the Court's decision and said that its members will need more time to think of the way forward. 

Does the GRC hold democracy to ransom? Is this the way things work in Singapore? Remember: There does not have to be a by-election even if a minority MP steps down. Nevermind if a GRC cannot be formed without minority representation in the first place.

The next time it happens, shove it in their faces. May the time comes when someone gets to tell them that they are not the only ones who think they can rule us all.

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