PM-in-waiting, Heng Swee Keat, attempts to take pot shots at The Workers' Party (WP) have backfired.

Leader of the People's  Voice Party (PVP), Lim Tean, plainly called Heng's performance in parliament as an embarrassment. Heng's inablity to "respond confidently" to the WP MPs was "woeful". Lim was definitely not holding back in his assessment of Heng's performance. 

Lim also questioned Heng's credentials as a politican and leader.

He then warned Heng to expect more robust debates in parliament when more articulate and coherent opposition MPs are elected into parliament in the next GE.

Lim's brutal reality check for Heng is good news for Singaporeans.

For far too long, the lack of adequate opposition voices has enabled the PAP to get away with one-sided debates in parliament.

This will be put right in the next GE. The PAP will have to wake up and be prepared to be grilled more intensely and extensively on their proposed policies or laws.

Who benefits? Normal Singaporeans like us.


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