Veteran opposition leader, Goh Meng Seng, of the People's Power Party (PPP), called on Singaporeans to be bold in voting more opposition members into parliament. That way, they can do their part to keep the PAP in-check, and to help prevent spiralling costs in Singapore.

This year, the Economist Intelligence Unit, placed Singapore, along with Paris and Hong Kong, as the most expensive cities in the world.

Yet, Goh pointed out, the price of the same commodities can be more expensive in Singapore, compared to Hong Kong. Goh explained that this was because the cost of doing business in Singapore, including both direct and indirect tax payable, was also more costly here because there are just too many of such taxes involved,

GST will be increased to 9%. PAP has also increased water tax, transport costs and imposing additional taxes and more are in the pipeline. For what? 

What we are seeing is a big contrast whereby PAP government is splurging billions after billions in lots of infrastructure projects which doesn't seem to have any restrain in cost control.

A simple rubbish collection center could cost nearly a million with hefty amount provided to " consultation work"!

It seems that there is no proper scrutiny on PAP government spending and they just simply increase all sorts of taxes and costs when they have insufficient money.

The joke is that medical cost in public hospitals could actually cost MORE than private hospitals while the government just throw "subsidies" to feed all these overpriced public hospitals!

Goh questioned if Singaporeans are just too tolerant of the actions of the PAP.

Singaporeans must take ownership of their future to stem the tide of spiralling costs. The effect on prices will not be immediate. It will be gradual but Singaporeans themeselves that will benefit from this.

We can't be too tolerant and afraid of the unkown. 

The PAP of the past had a great track record. It is not the same now. Vote for who you know can best deliver the best outcome that you want for the country.

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