Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker was released last week on 19 Dec 2019. The blockbuster which marked the end of a saga had a small scene with a gay couple sharing a kiss on screen. This scene was removed from the movie in Singapore so that it can get a PG rating instead of a more age restricted scene.

Some of you might think that the scene was banned because they were the focus and it was a long and passionate kiss. But the truth is it was just a short scene with many people celebrating their victory. The camera goes by the couple and moves on.

This scene was even passed in China. To think that some of us always laugh at them for being backwards on such ideals. But it seems like right now we are more backwards than them. 

Well whatever the case might be, it really seems like our Government will continue to clamp down on such instances. Would we get a more forward thinking Government in the near future? Nobody knows.

Remember to catch the finale of the saga in the nearest cinema near you!

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