Preparations by the PAP for the next elections continue to gather pace. According to PM-in-waiting, Heng Swee Keat, he is working with Chan Chun Sing to prepare for the upcoming GE, including to select candidates.

Heng divulged that PAP has had some "very good" candidates and are looking at candidates from diverse array of backgrounds. For Heng, it was crucial for PAP to represent the diversity that makes up Singapore. 

Does this mean that in the future, we will see more naturalised Singapore citizens among the PAP slate, or as members of the PAP?

Whatever the case may be, the PAP has to realise that the biggest mistake they can make is to parachute a candidate into a constituency at the last minute, without that candidate clocking enough mileage in the constituency. 

Constituents want someone they can depend on to help them with their town council issues. They also want their representative to be able to discuss and debate bills and issues that are concern to them in parliament. More than that, they want personable and humble characters whom they can relate to.

Are the elite PAP candidates as relatable as their opposition counterparts? The answer is the reception from the ground to the candidates.

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