MP Seah Kian Peng is in deep shit. Function 8, a local initiative that encourages civic discussions on politics, recently called for Seah and Minister K Shanmugam to step down from the Select Committee of deliberate online falsehoods. This comes after Seah publicly disapproved of the meeting between Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad and Singaporeans Thum Ping Tjin, Kirsten Han, Jolovan Wham and Sonny Liew. 

In a recent Facebook post, Function 8 said that his allegations were unfounded. It was unhappy that Seah brought in Teo Soh Lung, a former Singapore Democratic Party member, and accused her of believing that Singapore still belongs to Malaysia.

Although Function 8 was aware that Seah had already apologised, it was perplexed that Seah did not remove the "offending post" and blamed other ministers for helping to spread his baseless accusations. 

"As members of the Parliamentary Select Committee on Deliberate Online Falsehoods, Seah Kian Peng and Shanmugam should not spread falsehoods. They have acted irresponsibly. They should resign from the Committee and apologise to the young Singaporeans and Teo Soh Lung. We urge them to admit their mistakes and do the right thing and resign."

The group insists that there is nothing wrong or illegal about having some local activists meet with Mahathir. To them, it is simply about exchanging views on politics. While it is hard to believe that there is ever anything "simple" in politics, do you think Seah really took it too far? Perhaps he really was asking for it. 

Credit to Function 8 

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