In terms of leadership, are the PAP leaders worse than a Primary school class monitor? Not that the latter is bad but are our ministers any good at all?

Newbie politician Khung Wai Yeen of the Singapore Democratic Party penned some thoughts on political leadership in Singapore after seeing his daughter become class monitor. He was pleasantly surprised that his daughter is capable of taking up more responsibilities and wondered if ministers today have what it takes to lead anyone. One grand example is Lee Bee Wah, who recently whined about how ungrateful Singaporeans are. 

His daughter's letter of appointment read:

"Leadership is about responsibility, not about position or privilege. You need to have the courage to press on when faced with challenges. On this day you are empowered with the responsibility of a student leaders of the school. You are to put in your best effort to uphold the school values. Use this cherished opportunity to make a positive difference to touch the lives of all students."

Khung has his doubts about the current leadership given that they refuse to acknowledge the lackluster caliber of their 4G ministers and fail to respect opposition politicians enough. 

"The only difference the ruling elites made, to touch us ah Sengs' lives, was by way of increasing fees (utilities, parking, ERPs, public transport fees, school tuition, conservancy charges), retirement age, CPF minimum sum, withdrawal age..."

Perhaps it will not even come as a surprise if a Primary School kid exhibits better leadership. 

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