A resodent who had just moved in to the Tampines Green Ridges BTO, which had just newly opened got so pissed off at the amount of neighbours doing renovation works on a Sunday that he has threatened to report his new neighbours to the authorities if they do not stop carrying out works on Sundays.

In an online post in the Tampines Greenridges BTO FB page, the man, named as Jerry Choo wrote down his frustrations, as he stated that some of the neighbours do not understand basic courtesy. This came about after the neighbours houses were still undergoing renovation works even on a Sunday. Jerry Choo had indicated that he had approached these neighbours, and while some obliged, others just did not care and continued doing works. To these people, Jerry Choo wrote that this was the last warning, and he will report them and let the law deal with them.

So much for a neighbourliness start to life in you new abode. That will not happen for Jerry Choo. 

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