A Grab delivery rider had two bones in his right arm broken after he hit a kerb that was unmarked and looked camouflaged to the roadside at an area near Seletar Aerospace Heights. JTC Corporation has since cordoned off the unmarked kerb and are currently investigating along with NParks.

The Grab rider, named as 29-year-old Muhammad Iskandar Shah, was riding his e-scooter home after finishing his daily delivery schedules. It was while he was making a right turn and trying to cross the road at a pedestrian crossing along Seletar Aerospace Heights that he crashed into the unnoticeable kerb. The kerb was the same colour as the pavement, making it a hazard and difficult to spot even though lights were shined in the area. 

Although he was travelling within the speed limit, the impact of the unexpected crash sent Iskandar flying headfirst. he tried to break his fall using his arms, but landed hard on them instead, resulting in the broken bones. He managed to call for help, and was later taken to Khoo Teck Puat Hospital, and given 36 days of MC. 

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