A motorcyclist and his pillion rider were lucky to be alive after being sideswiped by a reckless driver. From the video, the reckless old man did not bother to make space for them at all. It was sheer luck that they controlled the bike from crashing.

"good morning brothers and sisters. i met with an accident ytd with this old man. he nearly took me and my pillion into serious state due to his reckless driving. thank god and lucky me i managed to handle my bike well and managed to catch up with him and stop him. or else he would have fled away! please be careful on the road! life’s not cheap and it’s not worthy to face something which isn’t your mistake.  #SN80U"

Apparently, this is not the first time the same driver was reported for reckless driving. In April this year, the same arrogant Jaguar driver was shamed on Facebook for sideswiping another bike.

Just what is wrong with this driver? Can afford Jaguar big fuck? Old man big fuck? If he repeats this enough, maybe it's time the authorities take action to get this troublemaker off the roads.

Credits to Abel Kenneth Pereira for the story




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