There is hope for religious harmony in Singapore. A Muslim man was very touched by a Grab driver who kindly switched radio channels just so that he can break fast.

"When I entered his car, his radio station was on an english station. Suddenly half way through the journey, [he] switched the channel to Warna 94.2fm to allow me listen to the Azan (so that I can break my fast)."

He initially thought the driver was a Muslim but found out that he is not after asking him about his religion. The realisation made him more touched as he thanked the driver for his consideration and sensitivity.

"We have to accommodate to all four races and to all religion. We need to be united. Still remember during the kampung days, Malays will cook rendang and Indians will cook curry and we will exchange."

While this is a rare sight in Singapore nowadays, it is heartening to know that religious harmony manifests itself in small gestures.

"To Mr H M Raghu, thank you once again for your thoughtful deeds and may God bless you."

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