Leader of the SDP (Singapore Democratic Party), Chee Soon Juan spoke up on the recent padlocked hose reel incident. Where citizens were made to suffer just because the town council has padlocked the hose reels (which didn't even have water supply). Their reason for padlocking the reels? Vandalism.

Chee Soon Juan questioned the PAP if our lives are worth less than the costs of repairing the vandalized reels. Why is it always about profits with the PAP? Also, he noted that the padlocking of hose reels was not only found in one block in Bukit Batok as he flashed another photo of a padlocked hose reel found in Punggol.

Our lives are at stake here. What if there is another huge fire in our HDB blocks? Are our hose reels just for show? Are they going to pay us back for the lost of our lives with theirs?

This really shows the mindset of the leading party. Everything is about profits for them. Money makes their world go round. It's time to change. We need a better Government who fights for the lives of average (mediocre) citizens. 

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