The KL-Singapore High Speed Rail project has been officially postponed for 2 years. In a ceremony held today, Malaysia's Economic Affairs Minister Azmin Ali and Singapore's Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan inked agreements to defer the HSR. Malaysia will have to pay $15 million before the end of January next year for wanting to suspend the project. This is relatively cheap, considering that Mahathir wanted to cancel the whole thing when he recently became PM once more.

If they do not proceed with the project by May 2020, it will have to pay even more for the costs incurred by Singapore in fulfilling the agreement. 

The HSR is now expected to commence on 1 Jan 2031 instead.

According to Mr Azmin, the agreement came to fruition because of the "strong commitment to bilateral cooperation" between Singapore and Malaysia. Do you agree that this is a win-win situation? Why did Singapore readily agree to their request? What makes us so sure that they will not go back on their word after 2 years? 

For now, O$P$. Let's hope they will not eat more of Singaporeans' hard-earned money.

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