Chew Eng Han, former City Harvest Church leader has just been found guilty of trying to escape Singapore on a motorised sampan. Chew will be returning to court on 29 Jan 2019 to be sentenced. His charges is either a fine of up to $2,000, six months' imprisonment or both for attempting to flee SINGAPORE.

He can also receive a jail term of up to 3.5 years for attempting to defeat the course of justice.

Chew's lawyer, Adrian Wee argued that Chew had not actually carried out the crime of fleeing as they were still in Singapore waters and that he was actually on the way to a cluster of fishing villages near Pulau Ubin.

The judge was unconvinced by the argument and stated "By the time the accused embarked on the first boat, he was clearly on his way to leaving Singapore from an unauthorised place."

Three other men were also jailed for helping Chew escape.

Chew probably think this through. He could have just accepted his charges instead of increasing his jail term and fines.

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