The NUS peeping tom issue has since became a national issue with Singaporeans from all walks of life commenting about it. Most are angry with how NUS and our Singapore Police Force has addressed the issue. However, they still insist on giving him a "second chance".

Everybody is waiting to see what the perpetrator has to say of course. Our state media of course can't wait to get an exclusive scoop and interviewed the perpetrator. And what do you do when you have an exclusive scoop? Put it behind a pay wall of course!

The article titled "Exclusive interview with Nicholas Lim: No excuse, it was very wrong, says man at centre of NUS sexual voyeurism case" is a premium article on Straits Times. The people behind it obviously only care about the money. With so many people in Singapore wanting to know about the case, worried about how the same things might happen to them and worried about how their perpetrators can get away with it by just acting remorseful, you would think that Straits Times would provide the news for free. But of course, the people in charge are just typical money grabbing bastards. Like many of our leaders in charge of our country.

Is this how we want our country to be run? Is it really all about the money? Shouldn't the citizens concerns come first?

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