A man has claimed that he fell into what he termed as quicksand while at Pasir Ris over the CNY holidays. The man, who said he was not a Chinese, decided the best way to spend the CNY holidays was bringing his family out for a picnic at Pasir Ris Beach.

The family reached the beach sometime after lunch, packing the usual picnic stuff like mat, frisbee, lunch boxes and mat, and were ready for a relaxing afternoon under the hot sun. It was at about that same time that the low tide set, and thus, the man decided to venture into the shore to hunt for seashells, hermit crabs and mussel shell. After about 10 minutes of exploring the shoreline, he came across a man was was waist deep in some black mud-like substance. Although that man was not sinking any further, it was quite obvious that he looked anxious. The man decided to help, but by stepping close the the man in trouble, he too found himself sinking, and finally fund himself knee deep in the mud like substance.

The two trapped men however, subsequently managed to crawl their way out of the predicament. While the man said that they were never in any danger, as the furthest they could have sunk was about waist deep, but in high tide, the water level might have submerged them, with no way they could have crawled out in time. 

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