Ravi Philemon has been with SPP, Singapore People's Party, since 2015. On 21st July 2019, he announced that his membership with Singapore People's Party and that he has joined with Dr Tan Cheng Bock in Progress Singapore Party (PSP). 

In his Facebook post, he mentioned that he has decided to join PSP because he "believe that the crowded opposition political scene benefits no one except the PAP. Fighting in a disoriented manner in their respective constituencies carved out from the previous elections, does the opposition no favours". He also "trust the leadership of Dr Tan to do what is right for Singapore, and place myself at the disposal of PSP, to use me in a way where I can best serve my fellow citizens". 

This comes after Brad Bowyer, formerly from People's Voice party, under Lim Tean and PAP joins Dr Tan. Are we seeing more politicians joining Dr Tan in a consolidated party? Will Dr Tan be able to kick PAP out when the time comes? Stay tuned in the next episode of GE Singapore!

We wish him all the best!

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