Many news of cat abusers surfaced in 2018. We thought that we could leave this toxic behaviour behind. New year new us right? Nope. Facebook User Rasyiqah Rosli took to Facebook group 'Sayang Our Singapore's Community Cats' after she spotted food bowls meant for the community cats filled with vitamins (for humans) as well as chilli sauce.

Why would anybody do these things? Did a cat kill them in their sleep in their previous life? We will never know. Rasyiqah Rosli also updated that a police report has been made. We hope that the abusers can get caught and for these abusers to stop.

You can check out some of the photos below:

Rasyiqah Rosli said that it was hard to get to the food bowls, which are between old rusty bikes. Feeders always knock their heads against the bike handles just to get to the bowls. However, the abuser still put in the effort to go in there to put the chilli oil and multi vitamins.

Chilli oil and multi vitamins left for the cats.

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