A PRC woman delayed an entire bus load of passengers on Saturday night, as she had missed her stop, and demanded that the driver of the bus make a U-Turn. She resorted to standing in front of the bus and refusing to budge.

The incident happened near Tai Seng MRT Station on Saturday at about 11:30pm. The woman, who was on board bus no 43, had missed her stop somewhere at Paya Lebar, so she started kicking up a big fuss. According to the other passengers she demanded that the driver make a U-turn. Of course, the driver tried to explain to her that he cannot make a U-turn, and the woman finally alighted at Tai Seng and stood in front of the bus, preventing the driver from moving off. This caused a delay of about 20 minutes for every one else on board. 

According to passengers, the woman did not know English, and the driver had a hard time communicating with her. The woman eventually went off the bus, after threatening to report the driver. The bus company have not commented on the incident. 

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