There are many kinds of people in Singapore. There are many weird kinds of people on the trains in Singapore. 

Recently, Facebook user Roco Kew posted a video of a woman's awful experience on the MRT. The woman was minding her own business with her baby on her lap when an uncouth uncle beside her started coughing loudly and deliberately at them. It seemed like he could have just been coughing in their direction at first but when the woman shouted at him to stop it, he continued coughing in their direction. It was obviously on purpose.

What is wrong with the old man? From the video, he definitely deserved to be whacked for his behaviour. Why do it on purpose when there is an innocent, clueless child? Why cough at the child in the first place? Is he mad?

Netizens have since flooded the comments to slam the uncle for being rude. A few even said that the woman should have gotten her son to pee on him. 

Just too bad. It would surely have gone more viral.

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