Responding to news of DBS sacking their staff who denigrated the Singapore National Flag, netizen Debbie Ong found it outrageous and the punishment severely insufficient. She felt that the deafening silence from the PAP leaders was disappointing and they should have done more to defend Singapore's dignity. Debbie urged Singaporeans to not be daft and stop rejoicing at the simple fact that he is no longer with DBS, since he is still a permanent resident and can easily find another job here. 

"The government is still allowing him to stay, this means they can still do it and Singapore is allowing any Tom, dick or harry to disrespect our national flag. No ministers speak up on this issue, no action is taken. 


This is not a victory for the people, this is an insult and a lost to Singaporeans.

Please stop rejoicing cos he is "no longer with the bank!" This is an insult splat onto your face and you are still cheering it."


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