As many of you know, Ben Davis is now considered a NS defaulter and will probably be charged if he comes back to Singapore. You can read more about that here: Ben Davis Is Now An NS Defaulter, Once He Returns To SG, He Face Jail Time

In his latest news, he is now suffering from a 'nasty' shin injury. According to TNP who spoke to Huw Jennings, academy director of Fulham, he said:

“What we thought was bruising of the shin has unfortunately turned out to be more sinister, in terms of the challenge of the injury and the stress fracture.”

Ben Davis last turned up for a match on 19 Dec 2018 as a substitute on the 62nd minute. Jennings praises and provided support for Davis and is hopeful that he will be back in action in a few months time.

We hope that he will recover soon and do well over there. Make us proud!

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