On the morning of 7 August 2018, Mrs Yue-Chang, the vice-principal of Catholic Junior College (CJC) was addressing the issue of absenteeism towards JC2 students in an auditorium. During the session, the vice-principal made a comment claiming that CJC is not some neighbourhood secondary school where most students have family issues. She has since expressed deep regret for her comments.

Jurong MP, Mr Ang Wei Neng, a member of the Government Parliamentary Committee for Education brushed off the incident when asked about it by saying "I am sure she (Mrs Yue-Chang) meant well for the CJC students, but she probably wants to be more careful with her choice of words." 

The principal of CJC, Mrs Lim, also stepped up and tried to clear the air by explaining that the remarks that were made were not intentional and were never meant to single out students from neighbourhood secondary schools.

Do you think this is something a vice-principal should say to her students? Does she think that CJC is an elite school where neighbourhood students can't get into? 

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