Opposing voices in Singapore are surely taking their chances to throw jibes at the Government for the lackluster healthcare system. Ranked as one of the most expensive cities in the world, it is unacceptable that Singapore fails to deliver efficient and sufficient healthcare services to its citizens. 

More recently, activist and new mother Han Hui Hui revealed that she had approached the Ministry of Health to find out the cost of giving birth in Singapore, but to no avail. 

In her exchanges with some netizens, she found out that Singapore's healthcare is not transparent enough and there is also a shortage of services in the country. She speculates that this is because "our population growth rate is not growing proportionately with our healthcare system."

She continues that it does not "put women and child, including a pregnant woman in her 36th week of pregnancy as of any importance due to the inefficiency of the healthcare system."

It doesn't take a mother to realise the shortcomings of Singapore's healthcare. People's Voice Party's Lim Tean also weighed in on the same issue by complaining that the Government does not spend enough in the healthcare sector. 

He claims that there is no point in privatising hospitals as everything is going to skyrocket. Till then, will medical subsidies actually help? What then, should they have done to prevent people from falling short of getting the treatment they need? Shouldn't everyone be entitled to healthcare services?

Healthcare is such a basic thing in every country, yet our first world nation seems to struggle with pleasing its citizens. What on earth is the Government doing - are they listening to their people or are they coming up with their own solutions without first understanding the crux of the problem?



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