Reality is harsh. Singaporeans were treated to the cruel reality of culling pigeons, a current method that is used to "manage" their population in the country. 

The Animal Concerns Research and Education Society (ACRES) recently posted a video showing how pigeons are culled in Hougang. The video shows the birds lying on the ground half-conscious while Town Council contractors sweep them up into dustpans and into trash bags. They are to weak to escape and have no place to run. 

ACRES is appalled by the way things are done in order to control the pigeon population. It intends to file a cruelty case to investigate how the Town Council handles animals. 

Apart from its complaint, it will raise questions pertaining to pigeon feeding, animal mishandling and more importantly, whether pigeon culling is actually effective in Singapore. If it is not that effective, shouldn't there be a better alternative that does not require the animal cruelty?

"This is not an isolated issue to Hougang, but an island-wide operation done in many areas following complaints about pigeon nuisance."

ACRES has also requested for Singaporeans to approach their Town Councils to seek justice for the poor animals. 

Sad times. It is one of the many other issues that the authorities today fail to handle properly.

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