A Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) lecturer had been found out by the University after he leaked out exam questions and provided solutions to the questions for the paper during a revision class.

AS a result, SUSS decided to void the exam as the integrity of the exams had been compromised, and those students who attended the revision class should not gain an unfair advantage over the rest. The exam paper was reported as FIN303 Financial Management, which students sat for on 20 November. However, the lecturer had made known the questions and solutions to the paper prior to the exams sitting on 20 November during a revision lecture. 

About 590 students, both part time and full time, were affected by the void. They will be given a choice to either resit for another paper on Dec 4, or accept their Overall Continuous Assessment Score (OCAS) for their final grade.

The lecturer have not been named, but SUSS said that they will not hesitate to take actions against the lecturer once their investigations are complete.

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