A Chinese couple is offering $3000 reward to anyone who finds their lost teddy bear. That's a lot of money for a soft toy.

The couple lost their beloved bear while they were in Singapore. They were on a cruise trip that stopped by several countries including Singapore, where they specifically lost it around the Marina South Pier area. 

And yes, the soft toy is worth that much to them. It is a symbol of their relationship. They treat it like their "son" and bring it everywhere with them. 

"We travel together, we eat together, we drink together, we sleep together, we watch TV together, we taking picture together. he is already become part of our family."

The couple feels guilty because they cannot find their lost "son" and have been skipping meals and losing sleep over it. 

Not sure if people will actively help them find it or just find them insane and dismiss the matter entirely. 

Poor soft toy but worse, poor couple. 


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