On a Facebook post on Monday, a netizen named as Shu Ting Bay highlighted an incident she saw at what appeared to be an MRT station. A mon and her kid was walking along when the kid accidentally dropped a glass bottle on the floor.

Naturally, the glass bottle broke into pieces. But, instead of trying to clear up the mess, the mom led her kid away from the broken glass and just walked away, without care or thought for others. However, the next moment, a stranger appeared, having apparently saw the incident while standing at the side. He came forward and started picking up the broken glass, and threw them away in rubbish bin. 

The netizen came forward and started talking to the kind stranger. She found out that his name was Hakim, and he came from either Bangladesh or India (she cannot remember where exactly). His reason for doing this? He was simply just afraid that other people might step on it and hurt themselves. Shame on the mom for teaching the wrong moral values to her kid. 

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