What is happening to our NS system? When it was mooted, it was for Singapore to have its own defence forces, ready to strike fear to anyone who dares threaten Singapore. Boys became men, the daily tough training were taken on the chin, everyone suffered, and after two years of hard service, everyone comes out of it as better and fitter individuals.

But it seems the new generation of NS commanders and specialists never got the memo. They use NS training as their personal torture sessions for the new recruits. So much so that authorities have to step in and declare NS punishments in training are regulated and strictly prescribed. Means punishments also must be by the books.

What happened? Most of these people who meted out punishments are also young boys, i effect, it is young boys who have got their ranks bullying young boys who have got no ranks. What happened to selflessly serving for the nation? It seems that these young boys are turned to bullies once they have the power. Are we developing into a nation where the strong bullies the weak?

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