A father, upset that his son has been bullied for almost half a year and the fact that the school his son was in cannot do anything to punish the alleged bully, took matters into his own hands literally, when he saw the bully walked out of the school.

He proceeded to shove the bully against the wall, and said that if he can bully his son, then the man can bully the boy also. Unfortunately, his action of shoving the boy fractured his rib. The man, Tan Chin Tai, 43, who is a also registered adjunct teacher with the Ministry of Education, was yesterday jailed for seven weeks for hurting the bully, who happened to be his son's classmate.

While the action certainly did not justify the means, the man's son was bullied for a long time, which was about half a year before the incident. The bully had also threatened other kids who talked to the boy. Tan had also taken up the issue with the school, bu the school insisted the bully had anger management issue, and thus did not take further action against the bully. Tan had even wanted to transfer the son to another school. In fact, the bullying also continued even after the incident.

So while Tan was rightly punished for hurting a child who just happened to be a bully, the bully seems like he got off scot free, and will continue his bullying ways as no one wants to take any action against him. 

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