Who knew that Singaporeans disliked the PAP so much? In just a day, the public has already donated $477,653 to Pritam Singh, Sylvia Lim and Low Thia Khiang to help with their legal fees.

The trio started a private fund raising effort two days ago after reportedly spending more than $600,000 from their own pockets. The Workers' Party Facebook page explained that the funds will be for the three of them and will not be used for the party. 

In a Facebook post yesterday, Pritam Singh maintained that they acted in good faith for what they believed was best for residents. They may face bankruptcy if they lose the suits.

Look what happened! Singaporeans did not stand idly by while watching our opposition politicians get pushed too far. We came together to give generously and show our support. The fight may get tougher but Singaporeans are a tough bunch who will fight back. 

So who should be worried now?

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