What has Halimah Yacob done for us? Well, a lot of us would say "nothing". Until now!! We were all waiting for her to earn her 6 digit salary by appearing on national day, the one day of the year she has to actually work. 

"Halimah Yacob is our first female president. But that is not what we will remember her for. She will always be remembered by the citizens as the "selected president". She will be remembered for not being there during the Trump-Kim summit. For promoting Milo and Mickey Mouse. What has she done to deserve the respect from us citizens?

She is nothing but a puppet of the PAP. We all know the only time she ever does work is during the national day parade, where she will come out and wave her hands at us. But even during this year's national day parade, she needs people to tell her who to talk to during the Guard Of Honour walk. 

Until she proves her worth and does something for the people of Singapore, she will never be my president. #notmypresident"

Credits to Michael for the story

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