An Indian-bron yoga instructor, 26 year old Rakesh Kumar Prasad, is appealing against his 9 month jail sentence and $1,000 fine handed to him for molesting his 25 year old student at a Real Yoga studio in Tampines Grande.

The incident took place on April 2015, when Prasad was alleged to have molested the student by cupping and pinching her breast while she was under his tutelage. Prasad was also accused of trying to squeeze the victim's breast by slipping his hands under her sports bra. When the victim protested about his actions, Prasad allegedly smiled and suggested her breasts were small. 

He was found guilty on the back of CCTV images that showed the incident. But Prasad has the cheek to now appeal against his sentence. In his defense, his lawyers said the victim only made the claim against Prasad as she could not get a refund of the one year membership she had signed on for. The DDP has, however, asked for a higher sentence of 12 months jail and three strokes of the cane. The result of the hearing will be delivered on 12 October. 

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