The Ministry of Health has assured Singaporeans that the measles outbreak which currently had quadrupled worldwide, is under control in Singapore, with no signs of outbreak. There were however, 43 cases of measles in the first 15 weeks of the year, but MOH has reassured the Singapore public that there is no evidence of further spread in the community.

Most of the cases were of single and sporadic local infections, except for five cases which was transmission to family members and close friend. Measles, which affects the respiratory system and often results in a skin rash, is highly transmissible among people who have not been vaccinated. An infected person can transmit the virus to about 15 to 20 others who are not immune to measles.

So, Singaporeans can be rest assured that measles are not something we should be worried about right now, as the Ministry is doing well to monitor the numbers, unlike their handling of patient data leaks. 

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