Many of us have thousands in our CPF account which we can't touch until we hit the age requirement. 

A netizen, Lim Koh Leong, went on to Facebook to rant about how he is unable to take out $15,000 out of his current $70,000 to pay for his daughter's school fees as his salary does not reach the requirements.

Lim mentioned that he is 60 with an unable job which makes it difficult for him to gather the needed cash for his daughter's education. He tried to apply for a withdrawal but was met with rejection from the staff at CPF.

Needless to say, Lim felt cheated and angry that his hard earned money is stuck in his CPF and is unable to pay for his daughter's school fees.

Why is our government so hell bent on keeping our money, even when w have real need for it? 

You can read Lim's full post below:

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