Miss Irah, an online-business entrepreneur, recently shared a tormenting GrabPay incident. Read for this may happen to you too!


"This will be a long post.. U may read if u wish to know more what happen about my Grabpay incident which happen to me today. I would like to share and alert other seller... Ignore if u wish to ya..

What happen today really unexpected. This morning a customer ordered some foods from me so after liasing with her she paid me full amount of $110 to me via GRABPAY CREDIT and send me a screenprint/proof of payment which than i did not received any payment after checking my bank transaction.."   

Money not received is a problem. But here comes a bigger one..

So cut story short i asked her to call Grabfood/Grabpay hotline to verify with them. After she check with them (GrabHotline) they told her that payment already wen thru my Grab Account. I did not have any account with Grab Company and i did not registered my company with them but transaction wen thru my mobile no. I dont know how on earth this happen.. So customer called me up asking me to call Grab company to rectify the issue which i think its not my end who need to rectify the issues but no choice i agreed to it and call up Grab company to liase with them. So i call and spoke to Mr Adi from Grab and settle the issue. According to Mr Adi i have an account with them.. So i told him I DID NOT OPEN UP ANY ACCOUNT WITH THEM AND THRU OUT MY 4 YEARS IN THIS HOMEBASED BUSINESS THIS THING NEVER HAPPEN BEFORE AND HOW DID THE ACCOUNT BEING CREATED WITHOUT MY KNOWLEDGE? Mr Adi claimed that account was being AUTO CREATED... I REPEAT AUTO CREATED FOR ME!!!!

Walaowei. Grab can auto create account eh?? #AUTOCREATED.


I than ask Mr Adi to refund customer the $110 which i have not received and call customer to explain further regards to the refund procedure as again it is NOT MY PART OR EVEN MY DUTY TO DO SO.

And she specifically told the Grab officer this,


I already told Mr Adi to BLOCK MY ACCOUNT... IF I KNOW WHO CREATED THE ACCOUNT USING MY MOBILE NO I WILL MAKE A POLICE REPORT AND PURSUE THE MATTER FURTHER. Cos i know u can withdrawl the cash out using other bank acc by transfering the credit from GRABCREDIT to other bank acc...

In good faith, Miss Irah wants to advice those who in the same line of business. Hope that this can be a sharing lesson for all.

I would like to alert seller to take note on this.. If this could happen to me it is possible to happen to others as well.. To all buyers/customers please only pay ur orders as what being stated in ur order invoice... Common payment mode as for now is PAYNOW, PAYLAH AND DIRECT BANK TRANSFER... NO SUCH THING AS PAYLATER, GRABPAY OR GRABCREDIT.... So please make a habit to read up ur invoice carefully ya. 






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