Singapore wants to be the first in everything but we came in last in out of 157 governments. The Oxfam report, which rated governments for their efforts at reducing inequality, ranked Singapore last due to our progressivity of taxes.

The truth is out. What is our government going to say now? How many Singaporeans will believe them when they promise to make things affordable and improve our lives? 

According to opposition politician Lim Tean, "this is a government that will go out of its way to help the rich and the privileged at the great expense of the rest. As Oxfam noted, Singapore has become a tax haven for the rich". 

"The rich get away without paying minimum wages. The government subsidises the rich towkays by giving Low wage workers Workfare, ComCare etc in order to survive. All these schemes are funded with taxes from ordinary Singaporeans. This is all part of the PAP’s Neo-liberal creed, an ideology which has run its course and should be consigned to the dustbin of history". 

The rich gets richer and the poor gets poorer. When will ordinary Singaporeans get to enjoy the promised Swiss standard of living?

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