A group of journalists have written a letter to Minister of Communications and Information, S Iswaran, to request him to withdraw the Protection from Online Falsehoods and Manipulation Bill. 

They were alarmed by the legislation which they claim will not effectively combat fake news. "Attempts to deal with misinformation and disinformation should not result in draconian laws that encourage self-censorship and undermine press freedom, which is already in peril in Singapore."

Singapore is already ranked 151 for press freedom. Like the government wants it to go even lower.

In the letter, the journalists state that the Bill is too vaguely worded and does not protect individuals or organisations. Furthermore, it allows ministers to be the arbiters of truth in deciding what is fake from what is not. 

It is not like there is a clear distinction between statements of fact vs opinion. With so much power, how will the incumbent or future governments be sure that they do not abuse it? 

"Most news organisations are already struggling in an increasingly difficult environment. Few will have the resources or stomach needed to launch a legal challenge."

In order to protect everyone, they are calling for the Bill to be withdrawn. Otherwise, Singaporeans will suffer if it get into the wrong hands and it will be too late to regret.


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