An 82 year old man got into a dispute with a 58 year old man at a coffee shop in Serangoon, which led to the elderly man being punched in the chest. He died of his injuries later, while police arrested the 58 year old man.

On Friday 2 Nov, the 82 year old man was seated at a corner table with three or four others, when the 58 year old man, who was seated at a different table, made his way to the group. It was alleged that he did that to place a bet. However, witnesses said the elderly man refused to accept the bet. This led to a verbal argument, which escalated into a scuffle.

The 58 year old man, named as Hong, landed a punch to the elderly man on his chest, before onlookers managed to separate the pair. Video footage showed that the elderly man suddenly became weak from the punch, falling back into his chair and clutching his chest. The SDCF was immediately called, but sadly, they were not able to revive the elderly man. The 58 year old man was arrested by the police. 

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