A very stupid motorist was stopped by a Traffic Police officer while he was traveling along Jurong Town Hall for not wearing a seat belt, but this routine stop proved anything but routine. The man became very uncooperative during the check, and was subsequently established to have an outstanding warrant of arrest.

Officers decided to move in on him, although it was not established how come they were suddenly so many officers for just a routine stop for a traffic offense. The man started to become violent, and he ended up assaulting two police officers. The man was apprehended soon after, and checks on his car revealed ubstances suspected to be controlled drugs, drug-related paraphernalia and a knuckle-duster in there. 

Photos of the man lying on a patch of grass with officers surrounding him, and of a black car surrounded by at least two police cars and 5 motorbikes were posted online. From just a seat belt violation to assaulting police officers and caught for drugs possession. That escalated quickly. 

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