Yishun residents and all the other commuters must be missing the old defunct temporary interchange.#legit

It feels like life was so much better a few days ago. 

So Monday morning (yesterday), the Yishun Integrated Transport Hub failed miserably when they caused a huge traffic jam.

Not a normal traffic jam if you have seen the photos.

Here are the problems with the new hub:

Bus had formed a long queue to enter the interchange.

Commuters had to be flexible and adhere to alight dangerously and illegally at the sides of the road. 

It takes extra jouney time of 20 minutes for the bus to finally turn into the hub.

It's a super long walk to get to the MRT from the interchange.

Shuttle along the new tunnel to the MRT opens only at 7 in the morning.

INTEGRATED TRANSPORT HUB was poorly constructed and not located strategically.

Shocking thing is that the hub was not able to accommodate the buses. It was too cramp.

There is only 2 turning points and a single lane in that small interchange.

And you know what is the biggest problem? 

The people who designed the hub and the route and everything is probably not even staying in YISHUN.


Here's a link to the opening day of the hub.


(Is there been any new improvements on the second day?)



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