Chiam See Tong, also known as the lion of Potong Pasir, is stepping down as the leader of Singapore People's Party (SPP). In an announcement on the Party's Facebook page, they announced that 12 members were elected to the Party's Central Executive Committee. They are: Mrs Lina Chiam, Mr Jose Raymond, Mr Steve Chia, Mr Ariffin Sha, Mr Eman Lim, Mr Williiamson Lee, Ms Kathleen Cheong, Mr Ong Ming Hui, Mr Yong Seng Fatt, Mr Shahir Shahfie, Mr Ng Theng Lim and Mr Jalil Wari.

They then wrote a note thanking Mr Chiam See Tong, who has been the leader of SPP since 1993 and he has finally stepped down for some new blood to take over him. Many people took to Facebook to thank Mr Chiam for his years of service and fighting for a better Singapore. He will however, still be a part of SPP. We wish him all the best! And a big thank you from all of us.

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