MINDEF has just announced on their Facebook that the tap water in certain areas of the Basic Military Training Centre (BMTC) in Pulau Tekong was dispensing out discoloured tap water. It was not made known to the public what colour it is. However, PUB was contacted and their officers responded by quickly flushing the water network in Pulau Tekong and collecting water samples to investigate the cause.

MINDEF also claims that "The safety and well-being of our servicemen is of paramount importance. BMTC is currently using alternative water sources and PUB-deployed water wagons to meet servicemen’s essential water needs such as drinking and food preparation."

They are also working with PUB to quickly restore the water supply.

BMTC has been in Tekong since 1987. Complaints about the Tekong cough has been around since forever. Have these complaints prompted such a response from the authorities before? It seems like they are grasping for straws while trying to show citizens that they are doing work for us no? It's sad that our ruling Government have to resort to 'wayang' nearing the elections to get votes instead of continuously helping the citizens throughout the years.

Many citizens however, has already seen through the Government's many ruses. Lets see what will happen to them in this upcoming elections.

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