Stratis Times just posted an an interview with Josephine Teo (premium article, no less). In the lunch interview, Sumiko Tan, executive editor of Straits Times asked her about the "you need a very small space to have sex" remark she made three years ago.

To which Josephine Teo answered "I should not have said that", "it was meant as a private joke but, you know, when you are in public life, nothing is really private anymore. So lesson learnt."

A joke. Can you believe that? Are we expected to forget and forgive her insensitive remark just because she meant for it to be a "joke"? Come on la, a statesmen who cannot differentiate a public interview and a private conversation? 

And what is this huge PR piece for? Premium article some more. Pay to read this kind of propaganda and PR nonsense. Who's next? Which minister is going to wayang now? How many more interviews to tell us that actually, all the stupid things that they said were meant to be "private jokes"? 

Seems like the elections are really coming. Be prepared to see more and more of these lousy interviews, painting them as the right people to lead us, how they are "connected" to the ground and how how Singapore would fail without them. 

I call bullshit.

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