Congratulations! Singaporeans will soon get to enjoy a bus and train fare hike of up to 4.3%. Is this part of the Government's to improve our lives? 

The public transport fare hike is reportedly due to the purchase of more buses and a general fall in ridership. See how they do not attribute it to their own lack of quality standards? 

In an attempt to appease mediocre Singaporeans who want to save every penny, the Government also introduced a transfer rule that helps commuters save money if they choose to walk more. For example, you will get to enjoy a 39 cents discount if you walk from Rochor to Jalan Besar station to change trains. Genius idea right? 

Now, why will anyone do that to save 39 cents? What can we buy with 39 cents? Is our Government in the right mind to think that this is appealing to people?

In the first place, they should raise the standards of our public transport before being so thick-skinned as to charge Singaporeans more. It is unacceptable that people have to pay more for train delays, breakdowns, malfunctioning air-conditions, spoilt doors, late buses, etc. Our dear ministers think our public transport is indeed world class because they do not take it everyday. If they truly understood our concerns, they will not have allowed the fare hike.

If this the Government's idea of improving our lives? If so, it's the wrong idea and a bad idea. Someone should tell them that sometimes, it is necessary for them to ensure that people are satisfied FIRST, and not in the form of those ridiculous train reliability shit, before demanding for more money. 

Why won't our Government get it? Are we really too mediocre for them?

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