In this day and age, is it very difficult to translate a message? Or do people have no heart in correctly communicating a MP's visit to his residents? 

We already owe much to minority communities in Singapore, but it turns out that some careless grassroots people just can't do their jobs right. Of all things, they had to screw up a translation. Let's give them a applause for their level of fail.

"We Singaporeans have to understand something very clear. Sir Stamford Raffles was a multi lingual person when he founded and brought Singapore forward.

If a foreign man had that perseverance to take up some alien languages to move a country forward without the help of google or modern language translation software. Why do our current ministers or grassroots leaders do not take the initiative to do a proofread using technological tools which is widely available in modern days?

I am very much sure that red hill consist of high percentage of tamil speaking residents with other minority races.

This door hanger was left on our door today. Well for my disappointment, what is written there as tamil language is not Tamil language at all. More of a poor translation and poor proofreading.

Well I am not pointing my finger at my MP Dr Chia for over looking this. Probably he would have not even seen this, as the grass root team or PA team would have done the dissemination process. For me it is plainly insulting a Singaporean tamil. A point placed across by the government appointed team that negligence such as this is a privlege, believing the Tamils in Redhill would not voice it out.

This really shows how much initiative is given when a ministers team claims to reach out the residents. I am very much sure there would not be any error when it comes to those Mandarin fonts written on this door hanger.

Well if you knew me well, this is not something I tolerate and would not be writing it so diplomatically. I am doing this to prove the reality of how much initiative a minister's team take to reach Singaporean Tamil."

Shame on you. Grassroots? Go back to your roots and learn to communicate lah!

Credits to Sugmad Eshwar for the story

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