On a Facebook post last Friday, SDP's Dr Chee Soon Juan came out all guns firing, when he responded to ESM Goh Chok Tong's tall story that Dr Chee had gone to Williams College to slam Singapore.

ESM Goh had gone to Williams College when he was awarded an honorary degree back in 1995, while Dr Chee had also spoken at Williams College before. In his FB post, Dr Chee bashed the allegations that ESM Goh placed at him, saying that he had actually spoken about Singapore's progress and had even given the PAP credit for taking the nation thus far. He even said that Singaporeans cannot deny that Singapore's development to where we are today owes much to these politicians, even if they come from the PAP.

But Dr Chee urged Singaporeans not to fall for the rhetoric that when PAP's current policies are criticised, it means we are criticising Singapore. He said that we should be able to criticise PAP's policies and their style of governance, as the PAP is not Singapore, and Singapore is not PAP. 

Dr Chee also urged others not to be small minded and indulge in the petty politics of character assassination and personal destruction, a clear dig at the PAP who have made an art of both dark acts.

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