The insurance agent who tried to use Aloysius Pang's death to make money has "clarified" his actions. 

Pretty sure he is twisting his own words. He was the one who told people to be insured with him, then flip flops and say that he is not an insurance agent. He started his Instastory post with "LOL" in response to Aloysius Pang's death, then says he has empathy. 

And then he said he is actually someone who cares too much for people. Wait, what? Really? Does anyone believe him?

What kind of apology is this? What kind of person is he? 

It seems like he is not sincere in his apology but fret not, netizens are already doing the job by flaming him on Facebook.

If he is an insurance agent, he can look forward to losing his job. If he isn't, it is about time he realised that he is quite the asshole. Oh, and that's nothing to be proud of at all.

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