Nas Daily got more than he bargained for during his maiden trip to Singapore a few weeks back, in his bid to showcase Singapore to the world. He said that Singapore was a perfect country, with his upbeat video portrayals of Singapore showing a side of life in Singapore that most say does not truly reflect the reality.

In fact, he got so notorious for his video on Singapore, most Singaporeans agreed that his trip to Singapore was government sponsored, thus he needs to portray a positive Singapore to the world, and show that the Government is the best Singapore can ever wish for. 

Of course, Nas Daily denied these allegations, and said that her did this trip and the videos out of his own money, and he had no help from any government agencies. He even went as far as saying that Singaporeans are not thankful for the good life they have in SG.

In a ironic twist of fate, the IMDA announced that he is returning to Singapore, where he is invited by the government body to speak at the Singapore Media Festival hosted by the Ministry and to mentor some video makers in Singapore.

So now, nas Daily would not be all saintly and say he came to promote Singapore out of his own pocket. He will be fully sponsored by the SG government this time. It's official, so he cannot deny it anymore. 

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