After 6 long years, the owners of Kim Eng Mini Supermarket located in Yishun have finally lost their patience with a unrepentant thief.

In a Facebook post, the owners posted CCTV evidence of the alleged thief in action. The thief, a woman, can be seen paying for less items than she actually took. In all, it took the thief less than two minutes to carry out the theft.

The owners urged the thief to contact or those who know her to contact them at 92358108.

They want her to own up and pay for what she has stolen from the shop.

If she does not come forward by 14 July 2019, the owners will have no choice but to lodge a police report.

The shop is giving her a chance to make restitution. If you know her, do help your family member/friend to the right thing. 

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